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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      10 stars if i could

      Easiest to use and and easiest to sand and buff. Outstanding clarity and depth. Wish i had found this years ago


      HC2021 High Solids 4:1:1 Clearcoat

      High Solid

      This is by far the most user friendly clear I have used ever. I’ve been in the business for 19yrs and I will recommend this clear and this company over the anything. Tamco Customer for life.

      Tamco puts out a superior clear for less then half the money and to me your paying for the name

      My go to clear for show cars or a high end job was ppg 2021 but at 400 a gallon just can’t justify the price when someone like Tamco puts out a superior clear for less then half the money and to me your paying for the name

      Tamco Clears are top notch!!!

      Ive sprayed eveything just about minus spies and southern poly and when it comes to paint and body work its the products that fit your budget the best with the greatest results
      When i was shooting deltron 4000 clear it was about $400-450 a gallon and was it a nice clear yes but it had its quirks.
      If you wet sand and buff within 24-48 hours after that good luck!
      Also if you didnt get it to lay out as your spraying it it was orange peel city
      Then ive sprayed cheaper clears like omni or finish 1 720 both have their place i used em on over alls sometimes i had no problems at all then sometimes id get die back like a mofo.
      Now tamco for me, their 2104 works perfect for me. I can lay it out like glass 95% of the time and minimal wet sand work afterwards and it buffs nice right after.
      A month after or a year after its still buffable ,
      Now the reason i prefer tamco period is the products. Great customer service hands down is top notch i honestly dont know how Tammy keeps on top of shit sometimes . And for a high solids clear clears of the similar solids are $350‐700 a gallon Vs 2104 or 2021 where its $180 a gallon and ive had great results with it
      The 4100 glamour clear isnt bad either , you can lay that clear down like glass as well and its also a higher solids clear at the price of omni or finish 1 or transtar which doesnt even compare to tamco clears