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HC7600 2 Hour Air Dry 4:1 Clearcoat

2 Hour Air Dry 4:1 Clearcoat Kit

HC-7600 is a medium solids 2 hr air dry clear.designed for spot and multi panel applications, While some speed clears are prone to die back and loss of durability you won't get that with HC-7600. This clear has been put to the test by multiple mobile painters who spray in the most uncontrolled environments imaginable (hot, cold, rain, snow) and it produces fantastic results time after time.

If you are in the collision or mobile industry HC-7600 is a must have.

NOTE*** You MUST choose the correct kit size to each hardener size. If you do not it will say Unavailable as the wrong size was chosen. (Ex. Quart kits do not take 2 qts of hardener, therefore its "out of stock" as its not correct)

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Kit Includes:
1- HC7600 Clearcoat
1- HH7600 Series Hardener
Reducer is NOT Included in any kits, however we if you choose to reduce our clears. use Tamco Reducers Only.

Customer Reviews

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Used 7605 hardner holy shit 2 hr dry time ready to go on car


HC7600 2 Hour Air Dry 4:1 Clearcoat

Great product!

7600 Clear works excellent! Great flow, fast dry and easy to wet sand!

Good stuff

Really nice for the price. Good shine and buffs easy.

dont be Fooled I feel like I flushed my money down the toilet

do not buy this clear it is junk very temperamental lots of orange peel if I would recommend a clear glamour clear I tried five different guns high air low air 5% 10 % 20% reducer and still get orange peel it dries too fast I ordered a medium hardener sprayed in cold weather hot weather no difference the Euro clear is good the glamour clear is good didn't like this product

I'm sorry you could not get this clear to flow like maybe you're use to. There are alot of factors we would ask. This is a speed clear. We would want to know temps, air pressure, reducer, etc. We also have a tech line for a reason. Just cause you could not get it to work, doesnt mean it's junk. But you are entitled to your opinion.
Anyone reading this, call the tech line. We are always here to help.
(800) 678 1533 option #3