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HC895 Intercoat & Clearcoat

 Intercoat Clearcoat 

Tamcos 895 intercoat Clear is a very versatile product. Is crystal clear in clarity, and mixes 1:1 with Tamcos urethane grade reducer.
You can also catalyze this product when you desire to. Mix it 16:1 with the Tamco 7600 series hardener.
This product is designed to be used as a intercoat Clear, candy carrier, flake and pearl carrier. As a way to protect your artwork and lock it done. HC895 used over top of candy will actually prevent the candies from bleeding as they traditionally can do. One solo coat will help prevent this for you.
If you use 895 and leave it over night, and want to continue and move on. A new coat of 895 will re-wet itself and allow you to continue without having to sand it. Giving you a brand new chemical adhesion to work with.
895 is also designed to work with our intensity line. And if you use Intensity, 895 is a MUST. You use the 895 to stretch the colors and help create any depth you want.
895 blows away in uses and quality and intercoat on the market hands down. Its unique in its ability over any other intercoat on the market, along with being priced much more reasonably too.

**NOTE:  HC895 is NOT designed to be used as a final clearcoat. There is NO UV in HC895. It is only meant to be used as directed above.


TDS Sheets


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Kit Includes:
No Kit, Just Intercoat
Reducer is NOT Included. Reducer IS required.

Customer Reviews

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timothy high

Excellent flake carrier I do not like to add flake to clear if you mess up it is to hard to repair Tamco inter coat clear is awesome lays down nice drys very good

Christopher Thompson
Love HC895!

I love HC895 for both metal flake and candies! HC895 sprays great on both my spray gun and my airbrush. If you’re looking for a great intercoat clear that won’t break the bank, look no further!


This stuff isn’t like your average clear blending agent... it’s like Blender got a shot of Superman added to the mix...

Kevin Gaunt

Love this product

John "Scoobe" Nyman

This stuff is awesome. Am I pro yet? No...Do work hard with the product? Yes....Does this product meet all the requirements and more? ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY! If you need images of a guy that has a small business and uses HC 895 and 1100 Overall Clear. F'n Wookee Studios on most social media. Not a sales pitch, just trying to show ya how it looks.