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D1 Polish Enhancer

 D1 Polish Enhancer

When a Best of Show finish is necessary, CSI 62-209 D1 Polish/Enhancer can be used to provide extra depth to any finish. It is specially formulated to eliminate micro fine scratches and swirls from fresh or cured finishes. D1 Polish/Enhancer can be applied by hand or power buffed with 62-312 X-Treme Finishing Pad Red. For optimum results, always apply to a cool and clean surface. This polish was designed to produce a flawless finish to black painted surfaces and showroom quality cars. In applying CSI 62-209 D1 Polish/Enhancer use a glob of liquid about the size of a quarter. Its water-based formula goes a long way in polishing surfaces about 2 feet squared. D1 Polish is easy to use, easy to wipe off, and produces very low dust when cutting and finishing.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
John Young
D1 Polish Enhancer

Perfect name. Enhances the final gloss and removes all swirl marks

Myles Rusin

D1 Polish Enhancer

Tim Morton

Happy with it so far!

brian grubb
Tamco order

As usual I received my order which was actually a prize give away gift in a quick amount of time .And the D1 polish enhancer is a great product

richard jennings
CSI D1 adds magic

Following CSI recommended steps with their wool pad with Ceram X, followed by their red foam pad and Ceram X..... cleaning the red foam pad them adding a small amount of D1 Enhancer is almost magical as it adds a gloss and clarity that I didn't think could be any better than what the Ceram-X already had. Highly recommend!