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HC2104 High Solids Clearcoat


Euro 2:1 Clearcoat Kit

HC-2104 was designed for the collision and custom industry as an ultra high solids clear that provides excellent mil build, gloss retention and D.O.I. At 54% ready to spray solid content this clear takes burying tape lines to a whole new level. Gone are the days of multiple session of clearing and blocking. With just 3 coats you can bury art work and have plenty of material to level tape lines and go straight to final polish. If that wasn't enough it can also be applied over metal due to its direct to metal resins. These resins are the same used in our direct to metal primers and allow you to do art work in metal and clear directly over the top. If you are looking for depth, gloss and all around durability look no further than HC-2104.


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Kit Includes:
1- HC2104 Clearcoat
2- HH7600 Series Hardener
Reducer is now an option for kits, we highly recommend it in HC2104
** Note** Kits with reducer we added the cost into the kit for you.


Customer Reviews

Based on 250 reviews
Raymond Harrison

I definitely found my new paint line!! Flows out so nice

Noel Perez
2104 clear

The best clear ever. It's like glass

Tim Stanwyck
Excellent product

HC2104 Clear is one of the best and most productive clears I have ever used. I have been a professional painter since 1979, and have used and attended classes for almost every brand of paint commonly used in autobody. Simply the best product and value I have seen.

Mike W.
Great product.... couldn't be happier and had to make it count.

I have been working on a custom canoe over the past 2 years. Lots of custom carving, airbrush, pinstripe and leafing. Time came to clear and I chose the Euro to bury all of this. Sprayed and leveled out beautifully. I've sprayed single component woodworking finishes... never a 2K. I had to make it count. This did NOT disappoint. So easy. Just used a 3M accuspray, blue tip.

Ritchie Girvan
Euro Clear for guitars

Finally tried the euro clear for the first time on a colour shift pearl guitar and I’m absolutely blown away! It levels amazing and brings out the sparkle and colour of the pearls beautifully.