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California Compliant DTM Primer Kit

Tamco's newest primer HP9310 is California compliant!! This low VOC DTM/DTR Primer is a speed primer and dries to sand within 30 mins at 77 degrees. HP9310 uses our HH76XX series hardener and also our HR series reducer (both are included in the kit). Right now this ONLY comes in grey.

This is "like HP53XX series primer", except it dries in half the time. Its the same primer you all love, and now California can too!!!

Mix is a 4:1: 10-15% reduction Tech sheet is coming soon. Call 800-677-1533 and press #3

***NOTE this product is not to be used like 5310 for completes, it's too fast. This is a 30 minute sanding primer. Meaning recoat windows matter, you can not topcoat this again after 10 minutes max, It will wrinkle and recoat on you. This can not be used as a sealer for a complete vehicle. It's not meant for that, it's flash and window would be far too fast. This is meant for quick spot repair, and to seal small parts.*** 

TDS Sheets

Coming Soon!!!

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Q: I normally spray primers in the 50 degree temps. Why can't I use your primer in the 50's??

A: You may not realize it, but most likely you are using whats called alkyd, or polyester urethane. A code name for "enamel paint". Enamel based primers will cure without a hardener (although adding hardener improves their durability). There is metal dryers in those "other brands."

Hardener stops working at about 60 degrees. So when you buy our DTM primer and using our hardener, Your primer will not dry as its designed to.

Heat up your area.


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Kit Includes:
1- HP9310 Primer
1- HH76XX Hardener
1- HR 13XX Reducer


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