Highest Quality Automotive Paints at Affordable Prices!!


Tamco brings you T-Cups, a paint disposable system. Our cups are only 70.00/box vs competition pricing is over 250.00. Tamco as usual brings you more for less!!


These cups are the original pps liner aka 1. The original disposable liners ever created. These are NOT 2.0. The adapters for 2.0 will NOT work. 

Tamco Paint does NOT sell adapters for these cups. We also will NOT know what adapter you will need. This is a courtesy for our Tamco regulars. They asked for these and we are happy to supply you with more quality products. We however do not guarantee what adapters will fit. Many guns share the same adapter. Google your adapter number from the link provide below, and you will know what adapter will purchase. This is the only help we can give on thus topic. 

Here is the adapter guide below: