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AG Underhood Satin Black

Underhood Satin Black Single Stage

Do you want to replicate the Throwback underhood jet black color? This is the period correct finish for you. It's not a "matte" black, it's more of a satin finish. Less flat than Matte, but matched the old school underhood black used back in the day. Mixes 4:1, user friendly, sprays consistent and even. Use this product to keep your muscle car looking like a perfectly restored, resto.

Underhood Satin Black is sold as a kit. You will also receive 1 hardener. Choose your temperature!

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Kit Includes:
1- Underhood Black SingleStage
1- HH7600 Series Hardener

Customer Reviews

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Marvin Rogan
Orange peel

The paint seems durable, hard to get smooth results without thinner. I didn't have the proper thinner on hand I'm just a DYI guy so the results weren't up to my expectations. Also the paint was a little bit too glossy for the GM standard.

Close to perfect match to the satin factory paint

I’ve compared the Underhood satin black to many of the parts I’ve found stock and it’s very close, exact in some cases. Make sure you stir the can 2 or 3 times longer than you normally would though, I learned that the hard way. I will certainly buy more!

James Misoff
Hi-tech old school

Sprays like new ....
Looks old school "dipped"

Tomas gonzalez

AG Underhood Satin Black

69’ Camaro parts

I used the Underhood Satin on my subframe and suspension parts for the first time. Easy mix 4:1, shoots well, dries quick. The sheen is perfect if you need the old car look under hood and other parts, just as advertised. Like most satins, flat, matte and low sheen finishes it takes good 24 hours to dull down. 🤙