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CC3000 Candy Carrier

CC3000 Candy Carrier Kit

Tamco's BRAND NEW Candy Carrier
Mix Ratio 4:1 with 7603/7605/7607 Series
NOTE: WE removed the option for fast hardener. HH7603 Fast is to fast for flow.

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Kit Includes:
1- HC3000 Clearcoat
1- HH7600 Series Hardener
Reducer is NOT Included in any kits, however we if you choose to reduce our clears. use Tamco Reducers Only!

Customer Reviews

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Tamco is best

Quality is what I'm after and that's tamco.camdy lays down perfect

CC3000 Makes me better at shooting candy's........

have had nothing but good times with all the way through my 1st gallon and a half if this stuff..... works really good for me shooting flake weather heaver flake bases or lighter host flakes coats... and I don't know what they do to make it work like it does but shooting with intercoat and even experimenting with other clears I've struggled to shoot good even candy coats over any decent size panel without ending up going dark to kinda hide the tiger stripe and patches, but mixing it in the CC3000 I've been extremely pleased to achieve nice deep candy coats with vivid colors that's still very tranceparent,... so it glows like there's a light in it... like I want it to look!!!???


I have not used product yet

Great Product, Great Service, Great Prices

As usual, Tamco comes through with Great Product, Great Service andGreat Prices

I absolutely love dealing with Tamco!

Simply Amazing

If you have dreams of deep rich candies that are easy to spray and have low film thickness, look no further. This product is simply the best candy carrier, simply mix your candy concentrate of choice and spray. CC3000 can also be used to carry pearls or flakes as it holds them in suspension better than any other product that I have used in the last 30 years.