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Ceram-X Polish

Ceram-X Polish is specially formulated to be a fast and effective single-polish system for ceramic clear coat finishes. Originally, Ceram-X Polish was developed for body shops experiencing difficulty removing swirl marks and hazing from newly painted areas. After hundreds of trial formulas Ceram-X Polish was finally perfected. Tiny aluminum oxide or nano-emulsified particles are the secret to a flawless finish, with them, sand scratches are levelled by cutting very specific and consistent scratches that are unrecognizable to the human eye. By eliminating traditional solvent compound from the polishing process CSi's waterborne technology produces a perfect finish every time on anything from a daily driver to a high-powered supercar. What makes Ceram-X Polish so unique is its water-based formula. This makes application and clean up extremely easy while at the same time being environmentally conscious. It can be applied in direct sunlight without drying and will not eat into painted surfaces, plastics, or rubber if liquid is splattered during application. Ceram-X Polish is much more economic than typical solvent compounds because its water-based formula will cut and polish a larger surface with significantly less product. A ring of Ceram-X Polish 3 inches in diameter is enough liquid to polish an entire hood. Ceram-X Polish will remove color sanding scratches, swirl marks and oxidation on both new or cured paint. It can be applied through hand polishing or using a powered buffer.


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Ceram-X Polish

Great Polish

Excellent product application is easy leaves a brilliant shine


What can I say. Couple Ceram-X- Polish with TAMCO clear and the results are nothing short of spectacular.


Love it ... very good product...

CSI vs regular compound

It took me a section to figure out what this polish liked. Slow and steady. I love the fact that when you’re done buffing it’s done. You don’t get die back like you do with regular compounds when they dry out. Highly impressed