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DTM Primers (Direct to Metal) Also DTR

DTM/DTR Primer Kits

Like our clears, we wanted to develop ultra-high-quality foundation primers.

Our 5300 series primers boast a true direct to metal resin (same as in our clears) which means it can be used on the entire vehicle. Many others claim to be direct to metal but tell you not to apply on anything larger than the size of a quarter. Another unique attribute of this series is that has a really high build much like a polyester filler primer. However, while our build is the same, it has flexibility and won’t crack like a polyester. It also uses an actual ISO hardener that allows it to crosslink to the substrate. The cheaper polyester primers only use MEKP which does nothing than offer a chemical reaction which is a weak point in refinishing. If that wasn’t enough the 5311 has rust encapsulation properties. What that means is that if you have blasted a car and it sat overnight and has flash rust can simply scuff and clean the panel and apply directly over the rust. We have actually taken this to the extreme to see how well this primer will encapsulate. Over 10 years ago we took a rusty panel and applied 5311 over it. Since that time it has been out in elements and the rust has not come back through. As said this is an extreme case and we don’t recommend going over heavy rust like this but the product has proven to withstand the torture. Another nice feature of the 5300 series primers is that they can be reduced and used as a silky-smooth sealer which allows you to use one product instead of having to buy a dedicated primer and a dedicated sealer. It is available in white, black and grey. These products were not designed to provide protection on vehicles left outside in the elements and we recommend first applying our DTA epoxy first if using on a long-term restoration.

**New User tip 5310/5311/5312**

This primer does best with a 2.0-2.5 tip. If you want the best build, the best flow, a 2.5 is recommended. This will give you amazing build, and spray-ability, and no shrinkage with this series. No reduction needed when used this way. With a 1.8 tip you’ll need to mix it 4:1:1 with primer hardener. If you're using HH7607 mix 5:1:2 to spray as a sealer in very warm hot climates, or booths with high air flow


TDS Sheets


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Q: I normally spray primers in the 50 degree temps. Why can't I use your primer in the 50's??

A: You may not realize it, but most likely you are using whats called alkyd, or polyester urethane. A code name for "enamel paint". Enamel based primers will cure without a hardener (although adding hardener improves their durability). There is metal dryers in those "other brands."

Hardener stops working at about 60 degrees. So when you buy our DTM primer and using our hardener, Your primer will not dry as its designed to.

Heat up your area.


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Kit Includes:
1- HP5300 Series Primer
1- HH3100 Hardener 
OR  1- HH7607 Hardener (TO USE AS A SEALER)
Reducer is NOT Included in any Primer kits, however it is highly recommended.
** IF you choose HH7607 the mix ratio is different. See TDS sheet!!!! **


Customer Reviews

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George Wing

excellent adhesion and easy to spray..

Stefan Nicholas Wilson
DTM primer filler

The DTM primer filler lays down beautifully, cures hard and sands nicely. Excellent filling capabilities to surface with panels. And reasonably priced taboot. A+++
Thank you Tamco!

Dwayne Locklear

I love it especially as a sealer.


My projects are generally fiberglass parts… drag boats, monster trucks

Trent Robinson

Every product that i have tried from your company has been great. I like them all.Primers are great and easy to sand, the base coats lay down well, and the clears are all great.