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Flat Clearcoat

Flat Clearcoats Kit

Tamco Flat Clear is available in HC7600, HC4100, HC9500 & HC2104

Use the clears you spray everyday, but in a flat version. They mix the same, using the traditional mix ratios you use everyday when you use them. NOW you just have the option and ability to use them for a even cooler flat finish. This is for that "dead" flat look. If you want the matte look. Slightly more sheen than flat.

Use our stand alone matte clear also listed.

If you're used to using 9500 on motorcycle to helmets of any kind, now you have the option to offer that exact clear but flat.

If you want 4100/2104 for a all over, but want it flat, this is the product for you.

note* matte or flat products do not offer the same long term durability and UV resistance as traditional Tamco clears. This is the nature of a matte or flat finish. These will still last longer than most traditional matte and flat finishes on the market. The flatter the end result.

Tech Tip: Remember matte and flat clears can not be cut and buffed. It's important to get them sprayed the first time the way you want. They are a specialty finish, and require some experience. You can not use the same traditional cleaners, or waxes on these specialty coatings. Look for matte/flat safe products.


TDS Sheets

TDS SHEET (Coming Soon) Follow regular tech sheets     

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Kit Includes:
1- Clearcoat
1-2 Hardeners
 HH7600 Series Hardener (how many determines which clear)
Reducer is NOT Included in any kits, however we if you choose to reduce our clears. use Tamco Reducers Only. Reduction is highly recommended for HC2104.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tamco flat

Had to match the flat sheen of some original paint on a 65 galaxie 500. This clean laid down beautifully and sheen was a perfect match

Love this clear

Love tamco paints

Flat Clear

This sprays just like the regular 2104.this is the 1st time I've sprayed it ! Very nice product ! My customer was EXTREMELY pleased with the final look !