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HC1100 Overall Clearcoat

HC-1100 Overall Clearcoat Kit

HC-1100 is a 35% solids clear designed for budget multi panel or all over jobs. Even at its low price point it still compares to other clears 2-3 times more expensive. This clear provides excellent flow, gloss and durability and like all other Tamco clears contains the maximu amount of useable UV absorber. If you are in the business of providing low cost all over jobs and don't want to sacrifice durability look no further than HC-1100.

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Kit Includes:
1- HC1100 Clearcoat
1- HH7000 Series Hardener
Reducer is NOT Included in any kits, however we if you choose to reduce our clears. use Tamco Reducers Only.



Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Scott Nevala

I’ve did an overall on a 1969 Corvette with HC 1100 it sprayed awesome. Highly recommend it HC1100. Also HC1000 spot clear is a great product. Great clears for the $$$. Please keep making it. Thank you Tamco for what you do.

Mark Hilton
Excellent product at reasonable prices

Love this clear. Have used on several projects and it is easy to use, works well, and is affordable.

robert davis
when you are wrong own up to it

I bought some of this clear. i left a review about runs. well today I painted the side of a toyota. I thought I would give it one more chance. this time I did not add no thinner. It look grate. no runs. slick and really good gloss. no buffing needed. I was wrong when I said it ran like crazy. It was probably caused by user error. I will still keep using this..Sorry guys It is a good product. I was wrong.

Colin simpson
Hc 1100

Sprays good lays down good cuts and buffs good. I've been pleased with tamco products overall,

robert davis
not what I thought

I tried the hc 1100. I have been painting since 1975. well this product does not impress me. I know everyone has runs but to me this stuff runs like crazy.It may be a good product but not for me. I know Tamco has grate products. next time I would only buy a quart instead of a gallon to find out which one is the best. doing a lot of car lot cars you have to cut back on some things. save when you can cause they will not pay what it should cost. as long as it looks good now they are not worried about what it will look like later.That is why I was trying to find a less cost of clear. You get what you pay for.