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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Bring on the candies!!

      I had the honor to spray these candies at the Tamco booth during SEMA 2019. Let me just say, wow!!! The colors are vibrant over the silver bling base. Two medium coats and I was getting beautiful coverage. No more AutoAir for me!! Tamco candies spray with ease, and you won’t be disappointed. After I got done with the first tumbler, I sat back, put my hands on my hips and said, “would you just look at it!!” The hype is totally going to be worth the wait. Tammy and Sean have made sure to work out all the kinks, collaborating with the best professionals in the industry, to provide the highest quality candy paint the world has been patiently waiting to get their hands on.

      I can't wait to get my hands on more!

      I was fortunate enough to receive the OG Red and Black candies before SEMA to experiment with. I used them on a few different types of substrates, including canvas to see how vibrant and true they would appear on different types of surfaces. Overall I was very pleased on the ease of application, coverage and mix options. I have to say, the Black Metal only needed one coat, so be a little careful not to lay to much of that on to keep the transparency on point, or reduce the ratio with the carrier. No more HOK for me! One other note, as expected, when sprayed on canvas, you don't have that "candy" vibrancy. I can not wait to get my hands on more!

      Tamco candies

      I was lucky enough to be the first person to test these outside of Tamco..

      The strength of these are going to be better then what you are used to.. they are true dyes and not toner based. Expect to have clean vibrant colors when using these... 895 as a carrier is hands down my favorite intercoat clear on the market... they have also give you the option to have a catalyzed candy carrier that you can stack multiple layers on and have the ease of use with spraying with a clear vs. intercoat on large vehicles if you choose.... either route you will love the intensity of these colors and the options of mixing the concentrates and base colors to give you almost an endless array of colors🤘🤘

      No more having use other products with tamco, this is a complete custom line from the ground up🤘Tamco all day..

      Best Candies I've ever used!

      So I was one of the lucky ones that recieved all 12 Tamco candies a couple weeks before Sema 2019. I built and painted the metal butterflies for the Tamco Sema display. Here's what I learned after spraying all 12 colors. Compared to HOK kandy, I found the Tamco candies to cover in less than half as many coats. All butterflies had 3 coats but really could have stopped at 2 coats. The Black Metal candy, I only sprayed one coat and it was solid. I'd suggest mixing it at half strength compared to the other colors if you want it more transparent. All colors were sprayed over the Tamco slick silver metallic. If you're interested in seeing video and larger photos, I have them all posted on my Facebook page /SteveNielsenArtist or Instagram at @SteveNielsenArt Just scroll down my page to see the 2019 post.
      I'm also happy to answer any questions about them.
      For all the airbrush artist, you are going to love these. No more multiple passes when doing detailed artwork. I can spray a consistent hair width line and it's highly visible. Hard to do with other brands that sell very diluted candies.
      I give the Tamco candies 5 stars on my review, because they have out performed other brands ive used for years.