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21 Color Concentrate Candy Kit

Tamco Custom Candy Concentrates

 You can use this process to create your own colors 

Any color  4 coats over slick silver.

Here’s the process and products
Candy concentrates. 2 8oz containers to every gallon of CC3000 candy carrier. Or you can use HC895 intercoat is preferred. 



Mix the concentrates into the 3000 and then mix that 4:1 with HH7607. The carrier is a 2K UV backed carrier. 4 coats done

Spray Slick Silver Coarse. Slick silver is a 1:1 basecoat. 2 coats done


1390 extra slow to help that metallic lay nice and smooth.


Cover all of it in that 2105 clear wetness!! Or any clear we make! 


Those are all links to the products used.

Color Options:

    • OG Red 
    • Cabernet
    • CandyWhine
    • Magenta Madness
    • Tamgerine 
    • Lemonade 
    • Limeaid
    • Hustlin 
    • Emerald City
    • Teal Time 
    • SoCal Blue 
    • Kandy Killa Blue by: Alfonso
    • Monaco 
    • The Abyss
    • Burpalicious
    • Grapeness 
    • Violette
    • HooDoo-VooDoo
    • Punk Rock Pink 
    • Black Metal
    • Sarsaparilla


TDS Sheets


^Click there ^ for pdf 



Q&A will be added soon. Feel free to email suggestions


YouTube Videos

Our Monaco Blue BY House of Kandys


Our Grapeness BY: House of Kandys

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Frank Sanchez
Badass candies

Some of the best candies I’ve used up to date ! Highly recommend 🔥🔥

Tamco Colorado.

Candies like no other, coverage, color vibrant is killer. No more HOK.

Kenneth White
Amazing candies

So far I have used punk rock pink, black metal, and socal blue with the cc-3000. I have been extremely impressed with the concentrates. I have slowly transitioned over to Tamco from another candy line and initially I was hesitant but am really glad I did. The colors are extremely vibrant as is the case with most brands but the coverage is absolutely second to none. Pink can be a total debacle, atleast for me, to get solid even coverage but with this pink I got solid coverage in 4 coats. The other colors it only took 3. That particular project was through a grex airbrush with a .7mm fan cap, had it been through a 1.2 or 1.3 I think I would have had coverage in 3 coats. Definitely worth giving these a try.

Vernon Maxie
Og red

Came out good

Thomas Moss
tamco candies

lays great and always looks amazings