Why Choose Tamco?!

Why Choose Tamco?

There are many paint companies that you can choose from, so the question arises, "why should I choose to buy from Tamco Paint?" In these competitive times, wasting money is the quickest way for a business to go broke and shut down. So whether you are a body shop, or just a do-it-yourselfer, buying the right quality products at the right price is more critical today than ever. Tamco has been in business since 1989. Bob and Tammy Barney (where Tamco got it's name), founders and owners, started Tamco in 1989. We are proud to say, we have over 110 years of paint experience at hand. See “Our Team” and come meet the people behind the works of Tamco! Here at Tamco, we make the best products- (cutting NO corners!!). We are small enough to also treat our customers as partners, but large enough to insure quality control, proper testing and R&D. Check out our feedback our ebay, Facebook, Instagram. We are one of the largest sellers on EBAY. Buying directly from the manufacturer or one of our distributors will save you money, BUT WILL NOT cost you quality! We do not make "cheap" products. All of our products that we make are equal to or superior to the "Big Named Brands." Tamco buys from the same suppliers that they do! We use the finest Isocyanates and use only certified moisture free solvents from the biggest name solvent suppliers. We also use only the finest raw materials. We use only certified urethane grade solvents in all or our products Including our reducers. Many reducers on the market contain high levels of waters and other contaminates that can cause a poor performing paint job. You can be sure that our products will be the best you can buy, but at a fair price. Our paints use maximum amounts of 2 UV's, we follow the same guidelines that the OEM's do. Our clears are the best money can buy. Our staff of experts can answer your questions. They are certified in most other brands of paint, as well as experienced in every aspect of our business. Don't let our fair prices fool you. Instead realize that during the past 20 years, you have been taken for a ride by those paint companies that have been marking up their prices 10 and 20 times! Yes, you read that right! We charge fair prices and stand by what we sell! Is there any reason to not buy from Tamco?

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