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Tips for those new to CSI

CSI tech sheet for Ceram-X 62-203

Water based - easy clean up.

Anti static - dust blows off.

One product design - no need to use any other product.

1. Apply Ceram-X directly to wool pad 62-309
2. Using 1000 rpm apply a small amount of pressure to surface and turn buffer on.
3. Increase RPM up to 1500.
4. Remove all color sanding scratches.
5. Check your work before going to red foam pad 62-312.
6. Notice the surface should have great color definition compared to any previous compounds. All scratches should be gone.
7. Apply Ceram-X directly to red foam pad 62-312
8. Using 800 rpm apply small amount of pressure and buff area, increase to no more then 1000rpm.
9. Surface should be swirl free.
10. If a small swirl still exists use small amount of product and rebuff with red foam pad.

Watch this Video PRIOR to use!