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At Tamco, we wanted to develop high quality clearcoat that is not only of the highest quality but also affordable. We started off with choosing the purest acrylic resins available from BASF and built from there. Many clearcoat manufacturers use blended resins that add a yellow cast and that is something that we didn’t want. The rumor has been going around that the more yellow a clearcoat is the more uv protection it has in it. While that sounds good, it simply isn’t the case. UV adds a trivial amount of color when mixed into the resin. At Tamco we use the maximum amount of useable UV in all of our clears (when you use too much you get a prism effect). The UV protects your color coats and the resin provides the long-term durability. We want your pearl and kandy basecoats to look just as they do in the can and keep their color. Only the maximum amount of uv and highest clarity resin will provide that. Think of it this way: You don’t put yellow diamonds in your jewelry; why would you put yellow clear on your vehicle? While clarity is important to us we also chose unique attributes such as direct to metal properties.  Many of our customers fabricate metal art and need a product that can be applied directly to metal. Our clears are designed to do that which is something fairly unique to the market.  


*For optimal performance with all of our clears do not apply more than three coats per session. Three coats of our medium/high solids clears are comparable to five coats of many other brands. If you feel that you need more build or plan to flow coat; allow at least 12 hours above 70 degrees before proceeding. If you exceed more than three coats per session there is a greater risk or urethane wave, solvent pop and die back.

**New User Tip **

For an all over clear, use HC4100. It’s the most user friendly option we sell, 45% solids, perfect clarity, and cuts and buffs beautifully. This is going to replace any 400.00+ clear you’re buying now. Pull the trigger on 4100 first!!
Additional tip! If you have a lot of airflow in your booth, or if you spray in temps over 80-85 degrees, use 4105. It flashes 25% slower. The slower the flow the better the gloss and final outcome. 

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