Gentry Riley demonstrated his artistic talent by painting a guitar using Tamco Paint's Intensity Oh My Orange, Black Out Black, and Silver Bling. This combination of colors suggests a creative and dynamic approach, allowing for a visually striking and customized appearance on the guitar. Tamco Paint's products likely played a crucial role in achieving the desired color intensity, durability, and a polished finish for the instrument. Riley's choice of Intensity Oh My Orange, Black Out Black, and Silver Bling reflects a commitment to creating a unique and eye-catching design, showcasing both his artistic skill and the quality of Tamco Paint's offerings.

Gentry Riley with Gentry Riley Designs is Gene Simmons former authorized designer and painter.

Painter: Gentry Riley

Paint Shop: Gentry Riley Designs

Guitar Shop: SEFIN Guitars

Airbrush Parts: Triple Action Airbrush Handle by Gentry Riley

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

Black out blackHr reducerIntensitySilver blingTamco intensityTamco intensity oh my orange