Gentry Riley demonstrated his artistic flair by painting another version of this AXE guitar using Tamco Paint's Intensity  Oh My Orange, Black Out Black, Silver Bling, Yellow Sunrise and Chalk White on this Gene Simmons AXE guitar. This diverse combination of colors suggests a creative and visually dynamic approach, allowing for a unique and eye-catching appearance on the guitar. Tamco Paint's products likely played a crucial role in achieving the desired color intensity, durability, and polished finish for the instrument. Riley's use of Intensity Chalk White, Silver Bling, Black Out Black, Yellow Sunrise, and Oh My Orange reflects a commitment to creating a one-of-a-kind design, showcasing both his artistic skill and the quality of Tamco Paint's offerings.

Gentry Riley with Gentry Riley Designs is Gene Simmons former authorized designer and painter. This guitar is a trademark from Gene Simmons original AXE.

This AXE is a bolt on model. Gene played a neck thru version. These photos represent the AXE 2 Corts .People could purchase them for years up until Gene discontinued them in 2012. Check out AXE Haven.com

Painter: Gentry Riley

Paint Shop: Gentry Riley Designs

Guitar Shop: SEFIN Guitars

Airbrush Parts: Triple Action Airbrush Handle by Gentry Riley

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

Black out blackChalk whiteIntensitySilver blingTamco intensityTamco intensity kitTamco intensity oh my orangeYellow sunrise