Kevin Kegler worked his artistic magic on a hockey helmet, employing Tamco Paint's Intensity colors such as Neutral, Yellow Sunrise, Black Out Black, Chalk White, and Red Red Wine. The combination of these vibrant hues resulted in a striking and dynamic design on the helmet's surface. To ensure a glossy and durable finish, he topped it off with HC9500 Hi-Speed Impact 30 Min Clearcoat. The final result was a masterpiece that not only showcased Kevin's creative talent but also added an element of style and individuality to the helmet. A true reflection of his artistry, the helmet now stood as a unique and captivating piece on the ice.


Painter: Kevin Kegler

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

Black out blackChalk whiteHc9500Hp2010Hr reducerIntensityRed red wineTamco intensityTamco intensity neutralUrethane reducersYellow sunrise