Here's another awesome work from Danny Riddle! On this piece, Danny shows us step by step how he was able accomplish the design on this epic skateboard! See the steps below:

Step 1
  • Wet sand with 800 grit, clean with
  • HR398 and layout flames with ProBand Fineline 1/8” green tape.

Step 2
  • Mask around flames with Autographix masking tape.

Step 3

Step 4
  • Using 1/16” tape, layout freehand pinstripe designs.

Step 5
  • Carefully cover flames and outlines with mask

Step 6
  • Spray background with a blend of Candy Black (top), Candy Violette (middle) and Candy Pearl SoCal Blue.
  • After  applying 2 or 3 coats of the black and blue, pull the 1/16” tape to reveal the freehand stripes and tint them with the candies to the desired color.
  • Finally, pull all masking from flames and surrounding pinstripes.

Step 7
  • Wipe down with HR398, then tack rag and clear ( I used HC9500)
  • 3 coats, dry 2 hrs, wet sand with 800 wet paper, 1000 grit, 1500 grit, 2000 grit, 2500 grit 3,000 and finally 5,000.
  • Polish with CSI products and ready to go!


Installer: Danny Riddle

Clearcoat: HC9500 HI-Speed Impact Clearcoat 

Products needed for this look:


Lemonade Candy Pearl

Tamgerine Candy Pearl

OG Red Candy Pearl

Candy Violette

Candy Black

SoCal Blue Candy Pearl

Optional but recommended products: 

Finishing & Polishing Products

-HR397 Wax & Grease Remover Or HR397W (Waterbased version)

-HR398 Final Wipe (anti static & light cleaning)

-Tamco T-Cups - Spray gun cup liner system


All products needed to recreate this look is available by clicking the above links! Tamco Paint provides high quality refinishing products for all jobs, whether custom paint, restoration, industrial, collision, or DIY!

Black metalCandy pearlHc9500Hr398LemonadeOg redSocal blue candy pearlTamgerineViolette