Noel Perez's collaboration with Tamco Paint has produced a truly remarkable automotive masterpiece. Through the skillful craftsmanship of Noel Perez and the use of Tamco Paint's Slick Silver - Coarse, CandyWhine Pearl Basecoat, and HC2104 High Solids Clearcoat, the car has been transformed into a visual spectacle. The shimmering metallic silver, enchanting color-shifting effect, and flawless glossy finish showcase the power of artistic vision and product excellence. This project serves as an inspiration to automotive enthusiasts and admirers of artistry, highlighting the boundless possibilities of automotive customization. With Noel Perez and Tamco Paint pushing the boundaries of what is possible, the world of automotive design continues to evolve, captivating enthusiasts and leaving them in awe.

Want to know Noel's process? Hear from Noel himself!

Step 1: Clean with HR397& Grease Remover & HR398 Final Wipe. Then I laid down 3 coats of HP5310 Grey DTM Primers.

Step 2: I used HP3501 Grey Forever Seal.

Step 3: Slick Silver - Coarse Metallic I layed down 3 coats adding HH57 Basecoat Hardener activating my basecoat.

Step 4: Candy time! CandyWhine Pearl Basecoat, I laid down 5 total coats over the Slick Silver.

Step5: 4 coatsHC2104 High Solids Clearcoat.

Step 6: Wet sanded the car down flat with 600 grit. Then with 800 grit.

Step 7: Off to Felix Dezigns for the graphics and seal the work and patterns.

(the patterns are just a cocktail off colors we had)

Step 8:  Another 4 more coats of HC2104 to top this el Camino off.

"HC2104 is the best clear on the market. Because of this car, 2 more impalas have gone full Tamco. Here is the proof!!"


Car Owner: Noel Perez

Painter: Noel Perez

Art Design: Felix Dezigns

Shows in 2023:

  1. Las Vegas Super Show
  2. Arizona Super Show
  3. New Mexico Super Show
  4. California Super Show

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

BasecoatCandy pearlCandywhineHc2104Hr reducerSlick silverUrethane reducers