Danny Riddle's exceptional craftsmanship shines through as he breathes life into a 1/16 scale model using Tamco Paint's exquisite range. His meticulous process begins with the precise layout of a fiery flame design, achieved with 1/8” masking tape. Moving on to the second step, he masterfully applies Tamco Paint's Slick Silver Metallic as the base coat, followed by a mesmerizing fade from Lemonade Candy Concentrate to Tamgerine Candy Concentrate to OG Red Candy Concentrate, creating a captivating color gradient that sets the model aglow. Danny's artistry reaches new heights as he airbrushes Outline Black to outline the flames, adding a striking dimension to the design.

In the third step, he ensures the longevity and luster of his creation with a clear coat of HC2104 High Solids Clearcoat. Danny's commitment to perfection is evident as he meticulously wetsands the model with 800-grit, guaranteeing a smooth and flawless finish. Pinstriping the flames and incorporating a freehand design on the trunk, along with lefty using Brush FX, showcases his creative prowess.

For the final touch, Danny Riddle re-clears the model with HC9500 Hi-Speed Impact 30 Min Clearcoat, locking in the brilliance and ensuring that his miniature masterpiece will continue to captivate admirers for generations to come. His artistry captures the essence of automotive creativity and precision in every detail, making his model a true testament to his talent.

Painter: Danny Riddle

Tamco Products used for this look:

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Brush fxCandyHc2104Hc9500Hr reducerLemonadeOg redSlick silverTamgerine