Daniel Smith and Matt Hutcheson shared an exhilarating experience as they mentored a group of exceptionally skilled individuals. With their guidance, these talented individuals had the opportunity to learn and refine their craft. Utilizing Tamco Paint's Candy Concentrates, including captivating shades like Hustlin, Tamgerine, Teal Time, and Monaco, Smith and Hutcheson showcased their expertise in the world of automotive finishes. The use of these Candy Concentrates allowed for the creation of captivating and vibrant color schemes that are sure to turn heads. This collaborative effort not only exemplifies Smith and Hutcheson's dedication to education but also highlights the creative possibilities that arise when combining technical know-how with high-quality products like Tamco Paint's Candy Concentrates.

Painter: Daniel Smith & Matt Hutcheson

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

CandyConcentrateHustlin'MonacoTamgerineTeal time