Michele Marie, known for her innovative approach to painting, utilized a range of Tamco Paint's products to create a stunning masterpiece. Starting with Tamco Intensity, Black Out Black, and Chalk White, she laid the foundation for her artwork. Mixing Lemonade Candy Concentrate and Tamgerine Candy Concentrate, Michele added her signature touch of vibrant candy colors, infusing the piece with warmth and energy. For deeper tones, she applied straight Tamgerine Candy Concentrate, achieving captivating contrast. To add a final flourish, Michele incorporated OG Red Candy Concentrate, expertly applied using the CC3000 Candy Carrier. Through her meticulous blending and layering techniques, Michele Marie transformed her canvas into a breathtaking display of color and depth, showcasing her unparalleled skill and creativity in the realm of automotive painting.

Painter: Michele Marie

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

Black out blackCandyCc3000Chalk whiteConcentrateIntensityLemonadeOg redTamco intensityTamgerine