Kevin Kegler's masterful artistry on the customer's motorcycle tank, featuring a symphony of colors including Intensity Chalk White, OG Red Candy Concentrate, Monaco Candy Concentrate, Lemonade Candy Concentrate, Tamgerine Candy Concentrate, and a special mix Candy Brown, alongside the protective HC9500 Hi-Speed Impact Clearcoat, stands as a testament to the power of artistic expression and the skillful use of colors. Through a harmonious blend of vibrant hues, Kegler transformed an ordinary motorcycle tank into an extraordinary work of art that resonates with the rider's personality and passion. Kevin Kegler's artistic brilliance has left a lasting impression on the customer's motorcycle tank, turning it into a striking and unique display of color and creativity on the open road. With the added protection of the HC9500 Hi-Speed Impact Clearcoat, the artwork will continue to shine and captivate for years to come, ensuring that the beauty of this masterpiece endures through countless rides and adventures.

Painter: Kevin Kegler

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

CandyChalk whiteConcentrateHc895Hc9500Hr reducerIntensityLemonadeMonacoOg redTamco intensityTamgerineUrethane reducers