Lilah Salley's meticulous approach to choosing the perfect color for her 2004 Tahoe resulted in a stunning and personalized transformation. After two weeks of careful consideration, she landed on the OG Red Candy Concentrate by Tamco Paint, recognizing its unique qualities. This specific shade not only resonated with her vision but also harmonized flawlessly with her 26x14 TIS wheels.

The skilled hands of painter draftpick1000 brought Lilah's vision to life, applying years of experience and craftsmanship to create custom speaker inserts and an overall finished product that turned her 2004 Tahoe into a distinct masterpiece. Affectionately dubbed "Queen Kong," Lilah's ride now stands as a testament to the synergy between her discerning taste, Tamco Paint's OG Red Candy Concentrate, and the expertise of draftpick1000. The result is not just a painted car but a personalized work of automotive art that captures Lilah's style and individuality on the road.

Painter: Lilah Salley

Tiktok: qwueenkong

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

CandyCc3000ConcentrateHc2104Hr reducerOg redSlick silver