Matt Hutcheson's painting prowess shone brightly as his work earned two consecutive best full-size awards at back-to-back shows. Employing Tamco Paint's Slick Silver Metallic and OG Red Candy Concentrate, Hutcheson crafted a masterpiece that captivated judges and onlookers alike. With meticulous precision and a creative vision, he expertly applied the Slick Silver Metallic to create a sleek and sophisticated base, complemented by the lustrous depth of the OG Red Candy Concentrate. The result was a stunning finish that exuded brilliance and sophistication, setting his work apart from the competition. Hutcheson's achievements underscore his talent and dedication to excellence in automotive painting, while the use of Tamco Paint's products further emphasizes the unparalleled quality and performance they offer in achieving exceptional results.

Painter: Matt Hutcheson

Tamco Products used for this look:

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Hc2105Og redSlick silver