Cody Rountree, a visionary artist in the realm of custom design, harnessed the vibrant spectrum of Tamco Paint's Burplicious, Teal Time, Lemonade, Tamgerine, OG Red, and Pennywyze Candy Concentrates to craft a helmet that defies convention. With a masterful touch, Rountree layered these exquisite candy concentrates, allowing each hue to seamlessly blend and transition, creating an intricate dance of colors that shifted and shimmered with every angle of light. The Burplicious Candy Concentrate infused a sense of playfulness, while the Teal Time brought forth a soothing and aquatic depth. Lemonade and Tangerine added zesty bursts of energy, harmonizing with the bold vibrancy of OG Red. Finally, the Pennywyze Candy Concentrate lent an element of opulence and sophistication to the composition. Through Cody Rountree's deft skill and the artistic versatility of Tamco Paint's Candy Concentrates, the helmet emerged as a captivating masterpiece, a testament to the fusion of imagination and paint technology.

Painter: Cody Rountree

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BurpliciousCandyHc895Hc9500Hr reducerLemonadeOg redPennywyzeTamgerineTeal timeUrethane reducers