Dkelz showcased their painting expertise by utilizing a range of Tamco Paint products to complete a car finish. They began with the application of Slick Silver Coarse, likely serving as a textured base, creating a unique surface for subsequent layers. Adding a burst of vibrancy, the Tamgerine Candy Concentrate introduced a striking orange hue to the car's appearance. Finally, HC2105 Extra Slow High Solids Clearcoat was skillfully applied to seal and preserve the overall look. This comprehensive approach, coupled with the choice of Tamco Paint products, likely resulted in a professionally executed and visually captivating car finish, reflecting Dkelz's commitment to achieving top-notch results in the realm of automotive painting.

Painter: Dkelz

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

CandyCc3000Hc2105Hr reducerSlick silverTamgerineUrethane reducers