Crafted by the skilled hands of Michael Schmidt at Schmidt Design Kustoms back in 2014, this automotive masterpiece was elevated to perfection using Tamco Paint's HC2021 High Solids Clearcoat. With precision and dedication, the car's transformation was nothing short of remarkable. Its excellence was acknowledged when it earned sponsorship from K&N, a testament to its standout qualities. In a fiercely competitive show boasting over 200 cars, this vehicle claimed the coveted "Best of Show" title, a testament to its unmatched allure and craftsmanship. While the journey so far has been marked by impressive achievements, it's worth noting that Michael's ambition isn't quenched yet – there's a realm of Tamco Paint products he aspires to explore in the future, promising even more exceptional creations to come. This story stands as a testament to Michael's artistry, the power of quality products, and the potential for future innovation.

Painter: Michael Schmidt

Tamco Products used for this look:

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