Doug Dodson, from PCS, showcased his skills with Tamco Paint's Matte Clearcoat on this 20' trailer! 

Utilizing just one kit of Matte Clearcoat, he expertly mixed it in a specific ratio of 3 parts clearcoat, 1 part activator, and 1 1/2 parts reducer, ensuring optimal application for the prevailing conditions. The extra reducer helped lower the viscosity to flow out the clear for the maximum appearance but also proved efficient enough to cover the entire marketing trailer with 1 kit! Interestingly, the recipient of this impressive makeover happens to be none other than the Marketing Director for North America!! It's a testament to his craftsmanship that his efforts seamlessly merged functionality with aesthetics, leaving both the truck and trailer looking spectacular and ready to hit the roads, Tamco Style!! 

Painter: Doug Dodson

Shop: PCS

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

Hr398MatteMatte clearcoat