Matte Clearcoat

Type of Product: Clearcoat

Mixing ratio: 2:1:1 (Clear, hardener and reducer)

Options: 2-Qts HH7603 Fast + 2-Qts HR1360 Fast, 2-Qts HH7605 Med + 2-Qts HR1370 Med, 2-Qts HH7607 Slow + 2-Qts HR1380 Slow, 1-Pint HH7603 Fast + 1-Pint HR1360 Fast, 2-Pint HH7605 Med + 2-Pint HR1370 Med, 2-Pint HH7607 Slow + 2-Pint HR1380 Slow

Optional but recommended products: 

Finishing & Polishing Products

-HR397 Wax & Grease Remover Or HR397W (Waterbased version)

-HR398 Final Wipe (anti static & light cleaning)

-Tamco T-Cups - Spray gun cup liner system


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