Michael Yocum showcased his expertise in automotive painting with a meticulous restoration of a 1968 Pontiac. He followed a well-thought-out process, making use of specific Tamco Paint products:

Starting with HP5310 Grey DTM Primer, he ensured a solid and smooth foundation for the paint job. To enhance adhesion and create a uniform surface, he used HP5311 Black DTM Primer as a sealer. The color choice, Windward Blue Metallic, likely resulted in a stunning and eye-catching finish that accentuated the classic Pontiac's lines and design.

Michael's attention to detail, combined with the use of high-quality Tamco Paint products, would have undoubtedly contributed to the impressive restoration of the 1968 Pontiac, showcasing his commitment to automotive excellence and precision.


Painter: Michael Yocum

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

Hc2104Hp5310Hp5311Hr reducerPontiac windward blue metallicUrethane reducers