Kevin Kegler's artistic talent was on full display as he transformed a hockey helmet into a stunning work of art. With precision and creativity, he used a range of Tamco products to achieve a flawless finish.

First, Kevin applied HP2010 Top Dawg Adhesion Promoter to ensure a strong bond between the paint and the helmet's surface. To create a smooth base and provide extra protection, he used HP5310 Grey DTM Primer as a sealer.

For the captivating design, he expertly blended colors, including Blizzard Of Ozz White Pearl, Blood Diamond, and Liberty Blue, resulting in a striking combination. To add a touch of brilliance, he incorporated Inspire Candy Gold, creating subtle highlights that enhanced the overall artwork.

To complete the masterpiece, Kevin topped off the helmet with three coats of HC9500 Hi-Speed Impact 30 Min Clearcoat. Remarkably, he achieved this flawless finish straight off the gun, requiring no sanding or buffing. After just 45 minutes, the helmet was reassembled and ready to dazzle.

The hockey helmet stood as a true testament to Kevin Kegler's talent and skill, captivating all with its brilliant colors and seamless finish. Its artistic allure made it a standout piece, reflecting his artistic prowess and attention to detail in every stroke.


Painter: Kevin Kegler

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

Blizzard of ozzBlood diamond metallicDtmHc9500Hp2010Hp5310Hr reducerLiberty bluePrimerWhite pearl