When it comes to creating a truly unique and stunning finish, there's nothing quite like the combination of Tamco Paints and a talented artist. And that's exactly what we see with IIGW Motorsports latest project.

The project starts with a board that is painted using new Brush FX Metallics and Tamco Paints High Build Grey HP5310 mixed 4:1:2 for a sealer. This creates a strong base for the rest of the project.

Next up is the Murdered Out Black, which is applied with HR Reducers to create a smooth and even finish. This sets the stage for the real magic to happen.

IIGW uses Didspade shellshock over the black, along with various other colors to create the graphics on the board. The result is a stunning and unique design that is sure to turn heads.

But the real magic happens with the addition of HC4100 Glamour Clearcoat. This adds depth and protection to the finished product, ensuring that it looks great for years to come.

The end result of this project is a true masterpiece. The combination of new Brush FX Metallics and Tamco Paints, along with IIGW's talent and vision, creates a finished product that is unlike anything else on the market. The graphics are bold and eye-catching, and the finish is smooth and glossy.


Paint Shop: IIGW Motorsports

Painter: James Cummins

Tamco Products used  for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

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