Vic Moncada continued to demonstrate his versatility and artistic flair by choosing Tamco Paint's Butterscotch Schnapps Pearl for another car painting project. The selection of Butterscotch Schnapps Pearl suggests a taste for warmth and sophistication, as the pearl finish likely imparts a lustrous and multi-dimensional appearance to the vehicle. This particular paint color is likely to exude a rich and inviting tone, adding a touch of elegance to the car's overall aesthetic. Vic Moncada's decision to use Tamco Paint's Butterscotch Schnapps Pearl showcases his ability to create custom finishes that go beyond the ordinary, resulting in a car with a distinct and refined look. The Butterscotch Schnapps Pearl paint is likely to catch the light in unique ways, enhancing the car's visual appeal and highlighting Vic Moncada's skill in achieving high-quality and personalized paint jobs.

Painter: Vic Moncada

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Butterscotch schnapps pearlHc4100Hr reducerTamco t cups