Jason Weikle, an experienced and skilled painter, transformed a truck into a stunning work of art using Tamco Paint's Cherry Bomb 2.0 over HP5311 Black DTM Primer. With precise brush strokes and an eye for detail, he expertly applied the vibrant Cherrybomb 2.0 color, creating a captivating finish that caught the eye of everyone who saw it. The combination of the Cherrybomb 2.0 and the HP5311 Black DTM Primer provided the truck with a flawless and durable coating, ensuring its beauty would last for years to come. Jason's talent and the exceptional quality of Tamco Paint's products resulted in a masterpiece that stood out in any crowd, showcasing the perfect fusion of artistry and top-notch materials.

Stripe has Horizon colorshift

Painter: Jason Weikle

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

BlackCherry bomb 2.0DtmHp5311Hr reducerPrimerUrethane reducers