Jeff Lytle's painting prowess shone through in his latest project, where he employed a range of Tamco Paint products for a meticulous finish. Beginning with HP5310 Grey DTM Primer, he established a solid canvas for his work. The intriguing choice of Dirtbag Brown added character and depth to the project, while Goldmember introduced an element of luxury and sophistication. To ensure a lasting and glossy appearance, Jeff sealed the project with HC4100 Glamour Clearcoat. Additionally, the use of HC7677 Hi-Impact Clearcoat likely provided an extra layer of protection and resilience. Jeff's meticulous approach and selection of top-quality Tamco Paint products undoubtedly resulted in an impressive and visually captivating project, underscoring his dedication to achieving excellence in automotive finishing.


Painter: Jeff Lytle

Shop: Gearhead Graphics

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

Dirtbag brownGoldmember metallicHc4100Hc7677Hp5310Hr reducerUrethane reducers