Peter Arnberg demonstrated his exceptional automotive painting skills by completing a striking transformation on a Type 56 Coupe. He relied on Tamco Paint's HP5310 Grey DTM Primer as the foundation, ensuring a solid base for the subsequent layers. To achieve the desired color scheme, he utilized the GM Victory Red Basecoat, infusing the Coupe with a vibrant and captivating shade. For added visual impact, Peter incorporated HB9901 Bright White Basecoat for the stripes, creating a dynamic contrast. To preserve the finish and enhance the overall look, he applied HC4100 Glamour Clearcoat. This comprehensive approach underscores Peter's dedication to achieving a flawless and professional outcome in his automotive painting endeavors.


Painter: Peter Arnberg

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

Bright whiteDtmGm victory redHb9901Hc4100Hp5310Hr reducerUrethane reducers