In a display of artistic prowess, Stephen Lokach embarked on a captivating automotive project, enhancing a car's exterior with a unique touch. Armed with creativity and a keen eye for detail, Stephen opted for Tamco Paint's Gunmetal as the primary color, infusing the vehicle with a sleek and modern allure. To elevate the design further, he incorporated Tamco Paint's Slick Silver Fine Metallic, creating a mesmerizing interplay of metallic brilliance that added depth and sophistication to the car's finish. The Gunmetal base provided a subtle yet striking foundation, while the Slick Silver Fine Metallic introduced a dynamic element, catching the light and giving the car an exquisite shimmer. Stephen Lokach's skillful combination of Tamco Paint's Gunmetal and Slick Silver Fine Metallic resulted in an automotive masterpiece that not only showcases his artistic vision but also exemplifies the transformative capabilities of premium paint selections.


Painter: Stephen Lokach

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