Jamess Cummins' meticulous approach to automotive restoration and customization truly shines in this project. Starting with welding the roof seams to ensure a seamless appearance, he then applied Tamco Paint's Epoxy Primer for a strong and durable foundation. The bodywork was expertly executed to achieve a flawless surface, followed by the use of Tamco Paint's DTM Primer to prepare the vehicle for painting.

For the custom finish, James Cummins employed a variety of Tamco Paint colors, expertly mixed to achieve the desired look. The final touch involved burying the finish in HC2104 High Solids Clearcoat, ensuring not only a stunning appearance but also long-lasting protection for the vehicle's paintwork. This project showcases James Cummins' dedication to excellence and craftsmanship in the automotive world, resulting in a car that is both visually captivating and built to last.

Painter: Jamess Cummins

Tamco Products used for this look:

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