Alex Mengis dedicated the past few years to meticulously crafting his 1978 Yamaha XS 650 chopper, pouring his passion and expertise into every detail. Recently, he embarked on the final step of his project - painting. His choice of paint and the results it yielded were nothing short of remarkable. Alex opted for Tamco Paint's HP5311 Black DTM Primer as the foundation, ensuring a solid base for the layers to come. With an artistic vision in mind, he then applied the vibrant and distinctive Raspberry Jam color, adding a unique touch to his chopper's appearance. To achieve a stunning finish, Alex entrusted the HC4100 Glamour Clearcoat, a testament to his pursuit of perfection. His enthusiastic testimonial, "Can't say enough good things about this Paint company!" reflects the pivotal role that Tamco Paint played in bringing his vision to life.


Painter: Alex Mengis

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DtmHc4100Hp5311Hr reducerRaspberry jamUrethane reducers