Bob Hanstra's journey of painting a car using Tamco Paint's products reflects a gradual progression towards achieving a professional finish. Initially starting with unknown primers, his search for the right color led him to discover Tamco Paints—a pivotal moment that marked a transition to a higher level of quality and precision.

In his approach, Bob utilized HP663 White DTA Epoxy as a foundational layer, demonstrating a strategic choice for durability and adhesion. Following this, he applied ShockTop Orange acrylic urethane, showcasing his adaptation to using advanced coatings. The final touch of HC4100 Glamour Clearcoat added a glossy finish, enhancing both protection and aesthetics.

The extended timeline of about 2 years speaks to Bob's patience and commitment, allowing ample time for curing and ensuring a lasting result. Bob's story illustrates his journey of improvement and learning, capturing the essence of his growth as a painter. The combination of Tamco Paint's products and Bob's diligent process culminated in a well-executed car paint job that stands as a testament to his dedication and progression over time.

Stood out as a true winner at the Don Schumacher Racing Open House/Car Show in September 2023. The vibrant Shocktop Orange not only caught the eye but also earned the prestigious Best of Show award.

Award: Best of Show 

Painter: Bob Hanstra

Tamco Products used for this look:

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Hc4100Hp663Hr reducerShocktop orangeUrethane reducers