The iconic 1969 VW Beetle, proudly owned by Jesse James of West Coast Choppers, has undergone a transformation that showcases the seamless integration of artistry and functionality. This exceptional project features Tamco's Custom color Slick Silver Fine metallic, skillfully applied by painter Matt Hutcheson and protected by HC2105 Extra Slow Euro Clearcoat. Under the masterful assembly of Ricky Wright at Wright Gearbox, this project also benefitted from the expertise of a consortium of partners who played pivotal roles in bringing the vision to life.

Contributions from @momomotorsport added comfort and style through the seats and belts, while their steering wheel provided a functional touch. The GPS from @pciraceradios ensured navigational precision, complemented by the dash control panel from @4x4spod. Seamless communication was ensured by @ruggedradios through their top-quality radios and headsets. The aesthetic appeal was further enhanced by @mobelwagen's wheels, @agmproducts' distinctive Badass Jack, @bajadesigns' high-performance lights, and the vintage charm of @vwloosenuts' Safari Window.

Tamco is immensely proud to witness its products showcased on Jesse James' personal vehicle, a testament to the outstanding collaboration between partners, the visionary craftsmanship of Jesse James and Matt Hutcheson, and the meticulous assembly by Ricky Wright. From the captivating Slick Silver finish to the functional and aesthetic components, this 1969 VW Beetle serves as a true testament to the power of teamwork and the pursuit of excellence in automotive design.


Owner: Jesse James @ West Coast Choppers

Painter: Matt Hutcheson

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

Hc2105Hp5310Slick silver