Brent Leonard's exceptional skills as a painter shine through in his motorcycle tank project, where he applied Tamco Paint's Smoke Metallic over HP5311 Black DTM Primer and sealed it with HC4100 Glamour Clearcoat. This combination of materials and expertise results in a motorcycle tank that boasts both visual appeal and durability. The HP5311 Black DTM Primer provides a solid base, allowing the Smoke Metallic color to showcase its depth and richness. The HC4100 Glamour Clearcoat not only enhances the overall finish but also ensures the longevity of the paintwork, protecting it from the elements and maintaining its shine over time. Brent Leonard's attention to detail and his choice of high-quality products exemplify his dedication to producing exceptional paintwork that captures attention both on and off the road.


Painter: Brent Leonard

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

Hc4100Hp5311Hr reducerSmoke metallic