Kevin Kegler completed an incredible custom paint job on this ride using Tamco Paint's Stellar Blue and an unknown brand of Purple. He also used Tamco Intensity Chalk White for airbrushing with Violette Candy Concentrate. The result is nothing short of stunning!

The bright blue and purple colors are perfectly blended together to create a vibrant yet subtle effect that catches the eye without being too overbearing. It’s clear that Kevin put in some serious time and effort into this project as the details are absolutely perfect – from the smooth curves along the edges of each panel to even how well he applied both colors so they didn't mix or overlap one another when dry.  He also took care not to use too much paint which helps keep it light weight but still gives off plenty of shine! 


Painter: Kevin Kegler

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:
CandyChalk whiteConcentrateHc9500Hp2010Hr reducerStellar blueUrethane reducersViolette