Raul Infante demonstrated his expertise in automotive painting by utilizing Tamco Paint's Throwback Hugger Orange for the body and AG900 Jet Black for the frame. This thoughtful combination suggests a deliberate approach to color coordination, aiming for a striking and harmonious contrast in the final result. With Tamco Paint's high-quality products, Infante likely achieved a flawless and durable finish, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and longevity of the project. Throwback Hugger Orange injects a vibrant and energetic flair, while AG900 Jet Black adds depth and sophistication, creating a visually captivating composition. Infante's attention to detail and choice of premium paints underscore his commitment to excellence in automotive customization, resulting in a standout and memorable final product that exudes quality and craftsmanship.


Painter: Raul Infante

Tamco Products used for this look:

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