Tamco Throwback LeMans Blue

Photos Shown: Custom Automotive Installation

Type of Product: Custom Color Basecoat

Options: Tamco Throwback LeMans Blue, Tamco Throwback Grabber GreenTamco Throwback Panther PinkTamco Throwback Plum Crazy, Tamco Throwback Fathom BlueTamco Throwback British Racing GreenTamco Throwback Lemon TwistTamco Throwback Garnet RedTamco Throwback Burnt Orange, and Tamco Throwback Hugger Orange

Mixing Ratio: 1:1

Basecoat Recommendation: Use the best judgement on each color. Yellow should use white. The rest Grey or Black.

Coverage Expectations: 2-3 coats

Optional but recommended products: 

Finishing & Polishing Products

-HR397 Wax & Grease Remover Or HR397W (Waterbased version)

-HR398 Final Wipe (anti static & light cleaning)

-Tamco T-Cups - Spray gun cup liner system


All products needed to recreate this look is available by clicking the above links! Tamco Paint provides high quality refinishing products for all jobs, whether custom paint, restoration, industrial, collision, or DIY!

Custom colorLemans blueTamco throwback